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Welcome to the Genealogy Site of the Lakeman-family vs. 27918

(oldest known ancestor: Sijmon Sijmonsz, born in 1680 probably Oosthuizen, NL)

with descendants in

 vlag NL           vlag USA          vlag CND          vlag AUS          vlag GER

(That's why this site is in the English language)      

In this website you will find:

An index with personal cards with additional info

A page with family-links with links to

Parenteels about the LAKEMAN and HESSE-family

A lot of historical documents and
A research report about the identity of the Maria van Waardenburg (click here)

Data from ancestors born in Beets and Van Waardenburg-family have been checked and improved according to official documents.

A modification of data about Sijmon Sijmonsz Lakeman (the first in line)

kavel 73
Kavel 73 Middenweg 50 Beemster (Zijmen Jansz LAKEMAN 1756-1836)
Note: Unfortunately not all entities could be verified by the absence of official sources.
Privacy-adjustments:  information about living persons below the age of 100 years will not published for privacy reasons.
If you object sharing information on this website, please send an email to Jan Lakeman with a motivated request to remove the data.

Beets 1732                         oosthuizen 1644 - detail
Beets 1732                                                               Beemster 1650                                                           Oosthuizen 1644

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